Home Learning

In the event of our school or a class moving to directed home learning our teaching provision will comprise a range of online teaching and set work activities. Remote learning will take place for via Google Classroom and pupils will need their We-learn email ID and password which can be found inside their Reading Record book.

Read more: Guide to Accessing Children's Work on Google Classrooms

Timetables for online lessons and work activities to be completed at home will be emailed to parents each week. All learning tasks will be loaded into the Google Classroom folders for you to access and complete in between the live learning sessions. The packs that have also been collected from school, relate to some of the online learning session but are also there for families to access as and when needed when they cannot be part of the live sessions. Work completed at home should be uploaded to Google Classroom on a weekly basis.

Parents should note the following key points from our Remote Learning policy:

To ensure that Google classroom is a safe environment for staff and pupils to interact we have a code of conduct, drawn up in line with Warwickshire Safeguarding policy, which we expect all users to comply with:

Children should be appropriately dressed e.g. not PJs.

An adult should be physically present in the room to supervise your child during the session and to provide technical support, but should not engage in the lesson.

Children should work in an appropriate area, for example not in bedrooms and the background should be appropriate to a classroom. This includes photographs, artwork, identifying features, mirrors etc.

Language must be appropriate, including that used by any family members in the background.

All sessions will be recorded and saved for three months, so that they can be reviewed if necessary, after which point they will be deleted.

In allowing your child to take part in online sessions you are providing consent for lesson and video conversations to be recorded.

Children or parents should not record a lesson or conversation without prior consent, the lesson will be brought to an end or the child will be logged out immediately if this occurs.

Children are expected to follow the usual school behaviour code and behave as they would in the classroom.

Staff members delivering lessons or communicating with children online/virtually will raise any issues in respect of inappropriate dress, setting, behaviour e.t.c with the child and/or parent immediately and will end the online interaction if necessary. Live classes will be kept to a reasonable length of time so that children do not have too much screen time and in order to minimise disruption for the family.

Our Remote Learning Policy can be downloaded from our Policies page.

Further Home Learning Activities

The Purple Mash App is accessibile via the WeLearn365 platform

On the Purple Mash Home page you will find a range of English, Maths, Science, Computing, Art and Topic learning resources. Serial Mash provides a wide range of age related online books with supporting activities and Mini Mash is the Early Years area.

Children in Years 2 to 6 can continue to use Times Tables Rockstars to practise their tables.

Children in Years 3 to 6 can continue to complete their book quizzes on Accelerated Reader

Key Objectives

Below are a list of the Key Objective we aim for each pupils to achieve by the end of each year group. We hope this gives you some guidance of tasks you could be doing at home to support their learning.